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As many of my supporters know, Witch Doctor Designs is a new business that was scheduled to launch at the 2020 Transworld Halloween & Attractions show. It's unfortunate that the show had to be postponed until 2021 because I intended to make a huge splash! I truly believe that I was close to unveiling some of the most original, scary, well-engineered props and effects ever seen by our industry.

How I proceed from here is a tough decision; while I want to show my creations to the world, I don't want to do it in such a way that would give my competitors an opportunity to copy my designs. I view the uniqueness of my concepts as key to my success.

At this time, my plan is to move forward despite the adversity. Props and effects by Witch Doctor Designs WILL BE AVAILABLE this year and delivered in time for 2020 haunt season.

How I am going to unveil these props and effects to the public is still being determined. As of now, details such as: photographs, action video, technical specifications and pricing will only be shared with interested buyers that either contact me directly or are subscribed to my mailing list. These conditions may change so check back regularly. Eventually, all of the content will be available at witchdoctordesigns.com.


Stay vigilant my haunt brothers and sisters. #theartwillneverstop

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