Lab Subjects



Lab Subjects is an animatronic, fixture prop that will give your guests the terrifying experience of encountering caged creatures that act violently aggressive when threatened. The creatures are designed to appear alive. When triggered, the cages will thrash violently and creatures will freak out! Sound is critical to the effect (speaker not included). Fits well in any laboratory or creature-themed scene. Choose monkeys or aliens for your creature.




  • 1-2 amps of DC electrical power (power supply included)
  • One 1/4" airline hookup with 50 PSI
  • 6" minimum free space in front of the fixture, 1-2' in the rear or just enough to access the controls for setup and maintenance
  • Speaker (not included)




  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Available to ship anywhere in the Continental US.


Dimensions = 81" H x 36" W x 24" D

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