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At Witch Doctor Designs, we aren't just artists, fabricators and designers. We're haunters! When Octobers come, we leave the shop to work in the haunts as actors, makeup artists and other various capacities which we've done for more than a decade. We immerse ourselves in every aspect of the haunted attraction industry all year long. It's with this experience that we approach our designs based on three key principles:

1) what does the customer need to be entertained

2) what does the haunt owner need for this to be easy

3) what does the actor need to be comfortable and successful when it comes to actor-matronics. 

Why Buy From Us?

1) We deliver on what we promise - We may still be fairly new but when we set out to start this company, we committed to it being done the right way, with integrity. We are here to build long-term relationships with haunts based on trust of quality props, promises met and service after the sale.

2) We don't mass produce - Well, we do make more than one of something - but we don't make hundreds. That's why you can feel confident that your prop was built with premium parts and every wrench was turned with extreme precision like it was the only one that was ever going to be built.

3) Uniqueness - Our stuff is just different. We are innovators when it comes to how certain concepts are approached or how mechanisms are combined to achieve effects. If you like to be the haunt owner that's able to say "Hey, we're the only one's that have that!" WE'RE YOU'RE GUYS

4) We back up our work - Most items from Witch Doctor Designs are warrantied and customer support is available to you for life. Your return-on-investment will come quick because we want to help you keep these props functional for years.


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