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OUR Shop

Is located in Collegeville, PA

25 miles Northwest of Philadelphia




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  • How do I get my props once they're ready?
    We offer standard shipping options of all props to all states in the Continental US. This cost will be calculated at checkout and added to your order. Buyers from Alaska, Hawaii or International locations should contact us to discuss shipping options prior to ordering. You can come pickup your props at our shop in Eastern Pennsylvania or arrange your own transportation service.
  • Will you ship props internationally?
    Yes, but each instance is specially arranged, so contact us prior to purchasing to discuss options and prices.
  • Can I customize my prop?
    1. Yes, most props have customization options already built into the ordering options. However, if you want something that is not shown as an option, please contact us prior to ordering and we'll let you know if it's something we can do and the additional costs that will apply if applicable. 2. If you're looking to develop your own idea for a brand new prop starting from scratch, we consider all custom project requests. Just drop us a message and describe your madness. We'll respond with what we think it will take to do it.
  • What kind of "brains" operate your props?
    All of our props use either Picaboo, BooBox, or Aamon prop controllers to store, trigger and run animation sequences. In some props additional A/V or specialized controllers may also be used. DISCLAIMER: Anyone familiar with these controllers can change the program of a prop but it is not recommended. You should consult us to discuss how such changes may impact other components of the prop prior to re-programming.
  • Can I use these props outdoors?
    It depends on a variety factors including which prop you are considering using outdoors. Some props we offer are designed to be be used outdoors, others cannot be used outdoors under any circumstance, and some may be used outdoors but require additional steps to be taken by the user in order to maintain the protection of the prop's components from weather. Please keep in mind that all of our props contain electronic components housed within. If these components get wet, they will malfunction and potentially create a fire hazard. In most props, these components are housed in a protected area of the prop but Witch Doctor Designs cannot guarantee complete moisture-protection of these components when used outdoors. If you have any questions about using a prop outdoors, please contact us to discuss.
  • How do I get product support?
    Either call us at 484-854-1531, e-mail us at, or submit a form message. Please provide as much information as possible. We'll respond as soon as possible with the next steps.
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