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We fabricate props and special effects for professional haunted houses, horror-themed amusement attractions, escape rooms, theater and extreme home haunters.

We sell animatronic and static props, actor-integrated effects, pneumatic mechanisms, cryptids, photo-ops and more.

We specialize in using simple designs to create unique effects that deliver big impact and require little to no maintenance.

Many of our props are customizable and we also offer custom build, design and consultation services.

Witch Doctor Designs was born in 2019 out of a monstrous love of all things Halloween, a fascination with practical special effects and an opportunity to be great doing the one thing we know we were born to do. 


We are more than just artists, designers and fabricators. We are Haunters! We eat, drink and sleep Halloween business 24x7. When Octobers come, we leave the shop and go to work in the haunts as actors, makeup artists, set designers and engineers. This spectrum of expertise is what fuels our designs.

Our designs typically involve relatively simple mechanisms combined with premium parts that we've spent considerable time sourcing and testing. This means that there's less things that can break and no significant maintenance needed, even when they run for hours on end. 

Our goal is to only develop new or previously underutilized concepts and in most cases we strive to create something that has #neverbeendonebefore. We are the only company offering The Hellevator and the maker of the best-selling Mulch King actor-matronic. We also build custom project requests. If you want to be the haunt that says "Hey, we're the only ones that have that." We're your guys!

We build everything in-house and no part of our process is outsourced. Every wrench was turned and paintbrush wielded with precision by a member of our team here at our shop in Pennsylvania. We stand behind our work and offer lifetime support on every item. 


Carl is the Founder and CEO of Witch Doctor Designs. He's been working in the Halloween and Haunted Attraction industry for 16 years. He first began acting at Haunted Houses in 2009. Shortly after, he created the Witch Doctor persona and started to make small props and costume elements around this theme. In 2012, he began experimenting with animatronics and would spend the next seven years in research and development before officially launching Witch Doctor Designs in 2019. Carl is proficient in pneumatics, electronics, welding, metal fabrication, sculpting, mold making, materials casting, paint technique, F/X makeup, costume fabrication and more. He is completely self taught. Carl believes that integrity is at the core of Witch Doctor Designs. "We deliver on what we promise and we don't promise what we can't deliver."  

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