Mulch King - Actormatronic

Mulch King - Actormatronic

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The Mulch King is an actormatronic prop that combines animatronic components with a live actor in order to simulate a person being consumed into the chute of a grinding wood chipper and spit out the other end! When triggered, the entire unit vibrates and shakes like heavy machinery running. Bursts of air and water, illuminated to appear as blood, spray out of the exhaust shaft towards your guests. Triggerable by your guests or by the actor from inside the chute. Comfortable and safe for the actor. No audio hookup necessary. Partially weatherized for outdoor use. Add the fitted cover for additonal weather protection. Ships anywhere in the Continental US.



  • Real steel construction
  • Dual triggering options built-in 
  • Comfortable working space for the actor


  • Airline hookup
  • 5 amps DC power (power supply included)
  • One actor (not included)


  • Dimensions = 55"L x 30"W x 75"H
  • Weight = approx. 172 lbs