Krispy Kiddo - Animatronic

Krispy Kiddo - Animatronic

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Krispy Kiddo is an animatronic prop that resembles a coal furnace or creamatory oven. An inferno rages with lights and smoke. Human screams are heard coming from inside. The doors swing open and a table slides out revealing the charred remains. Fits into any wall opening 72”H x 41”W with 56” of space behind it or build your own walls around it. Fogger included. Speaker optional. Ships anywhere in the Continental US. Shipping costs shown at checkout are based on current LTL freight prices. Witch Doctor Designs offers additional shipping options that may cost less. Please contact us prior to sale to discuss these options and see if they apply to you.



  • (1) 1/4" airline hookups with 55PSI supplied 
  • 5 amp DC power (power supply included)


  • Dimensions = 59"L x 32"W x 84"H
  • Weight = 188lbs