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Clown Shoot is an interactive photo opportunity that will generate additional revenue for your attraction. Use outdoors or inside, this prop is designed to thrill guests in the Midway and increase your profits at the same time! Clown Shoot is a fully functioning carnival-themed balloon race game that captivates your attention with lights, sound, shooting waters and popping balloons. When guests get near, they'll be shocked when they're suddenly integrated into the game and staring down the barrell of a shotgun! A loud BANG scares the guest and at that precise moment, a photo snaps, capturing the reaction and featuring your haunt's custom graphics in the background.


All of the water used is recycled back into the prop which means there's no spills, no filling up and no increased water bill.


The housing of this unit is made from pressure-treated lumber and treated with multiple coats of protectant. The roof is shingled. All possible gaps or cracks that moisture could penetrate have been silicone sealed. The unit's roof piece and camera/water pistol tower disconnect for easy shipping, installation and storage.


Camera system is included. When connected to Wifi, the camera will automatically upload your photos is real-time to the web for your guests to download or send them to a wireless 4x6 glossy printer and sell them to your guests (printer optional). Camera runs on battery. Charger and second battery are included.


Custom background graphics are included.

(200) 5" latex balloons are included.

Clown Shoot

PriceFrom $5,500.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Dimensions = Base Unit 31"L x 52"W x 84"H  Tower Piece 9"L x 10"W x 66"H

    Shipping Weight = 204lbs

    Requires (1) 1/8" airline hookup with 30psi and standard US power. 

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