El Chupacabra

El Chupacabra is an aminatronic prop that is the first ever take of this kind on this infamous cryptid. It looks amazing perched upon the goat that it has just drained of blood. But what happens next, your guests will never see coming, as El Chupacabra leaps, seemingly through mid-air, off the goat and towards your guests while contorting it's body for attack! Includes goat and platform. Blacklight re-active. No audio needed. Add any trigger (not included).




  • 2 amps DC power (power supply included)
  • One 1/4" airline hookup with 70 PSI
  • 36" minimum free space in front of the prop, 36" minimum free space behind the platform




  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Available to ship anywhere in the Continental US


Dimensions = 



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