Chainsaw Massacre - Actormatronic

Chainsaw Massacre - Actormatronic

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Chainsaw Massacre is an actormatronic prop that combines animatronic components with a live actor in order to simulate a person being sawed in half while still alive. When triggered, the legs will vibrate and shake violently before falling completely to the ground. Whats left is the hanging upper torso of your actor complete with severed guts.

Rig is comfortable for the actor and easy to operate. Adjustable height platform makes it adaptable to actors of different sizes.  Embedded precision lighting enhances the illusion. Simple hookup with 60psi required. No audio necessary. CHAINSAW NOT INCLUDED

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  • (1) 1/4" airline hookup with 60psi supplied
  • 5 amps DC power (power supply included)



  • Dimensions = 96" H x 41.5"W x 37"D
  • Weight = 148lbs